1st Meeting Jacques Klein – Music Education and Third Sector

Organized by the Institute and Beatriz Lauro Fiuza (IBLF), the 1st Meeting Jacques Klein – Music Education and Third Sector meet during the 30th and 31st of May, 8 am to 17h, guests, visitors, teachers and students at the Training Center Prof. Antonio de Sousa Filho Albuquerque.


The meeting is to discuss music education, with a focus on children. According Bia Fiuza, director of IBLF, the event ” aims to create a dialogue, a network connection between third sector institutions that work with music education of children and youth. In addition to bridging the gap between this and other institutions such as the Departments of Education and Culture, Colleges, Schools, among others.”


Jacques Klein

In addition to the Meeting, the Ceará Aracaty pianist Jacques Klein also appoints a project of classical music developed in the IBLF. His legacy even directly influenced the creation of the music education project that now serves about 250 students.

Bia Fiuza explains that the specific choice by Jacques Klein, among many other prominent names in classical music, was given for two reasons: “Among the Brazilian musicians, he was one of the greats to get worldwide recognition, so it is deserved rescue memory of musician as prestigious. Furthermore, it is the family, my grandmother’s cousin. “

Klein came to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, along the conductor Eleazar de Carvalho. In 1953, competing with 113 candidates from 33 countries, unanimously won the International Competition for Musical Performing in Geneva, Switzerland. From then achieved great success in Europe. In Brazil, Dorival Caymmi composed with, and also directed the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and the Sala Cecilia Meireles in Rio de Janeiro.



1st Meeting Jacques Klein – Music Education and Third Sector

Where: Prof. Training Center Antonio de Albuquerque Sousa Filho (Rua Adolfo

Moreira de Carvalho S / n – Behind the Clovis Bevilaqua Forum – Edson Queiroz)

When: May 31 and 30

Time: 8 am to 17h



The programming of this first edition includes workshops, lectures, debates and open rehearsals. Among the invited participants are: Ricardo Maluf (SP), Enio Antunes (Tapera of Arts), Tereza Tavares (Foundation Raimundo Fagner), Arley France (Project Jacques Klein), Adriano Martins (Orchestra Woodwind Pindoretama) and Gerardo Viana Junior (UFC).



8 am – Registration

8h30 – Opening Event

9am – Interval

9.30 – Lecture “How an idea becomes a project: success stories” – with Ricardo Maluf

11h30-13h30 – Interval

13:30 – Workshop for Managers: How to present your project and raise funds – with Ricardo Maluf

13:30 – Workshop for Educators: musical practices in early childhood education – with Leila Uchôa and Clara Bezerra

13:30 – Workshop for Educators: Education through Musical Band and Orchestra – with Arley France

15:30 – Break

16h-17h – Building a Network for Music Education in Ceará



8 am – Registration

8h30 – Ciranda do som, with students from Pindoretama Wind Orchestra, Project Jacques Klein and Tapera of Arts

9.30 – Interval

10h-Roundtable: Music Education and Third Sector – Gerardo Viana Júnior (UFC), Ernie Antunes (Tapera of Arts), Arley France (Project Jacques Klein) and Adriano Martins (Wind Orchestra Pindoretama)

10am – Workshop for students: Musical Perception – Clara Luz and Armando Costa

10am – Workshop for students: Perception Musical – Leila Uchôa and Grayce Kelly

11:30 – 13:30 – Break

13:30 – Workshop rubbed Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass) – with Ernie Antunes, Grayce Kelly and Marcelo Bugi.

13:30 – Workshop on Guitar – with Armando Costa

13:30 – Workshop Puffs – with Adriano Martins

15h – Interval

15h30 – 17h – Open Rehearsal Sinfonia.br Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Arley France

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