Ceará winning medals in world championship karate

Athlete black belt and veteran student of Bushi-No-Te, a project developed in the Institute and Beatriz Lauro Fiuza (IBLF), Alexandre Rosa (20), brought with him a bronze and silver conquered during the 2nd World Karate Championship for Seniors and Veterans, held this May in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná.

With a baggage of disputes and victories, Alexandre bet in our daily commitment. “I train every day. In three days of the week training lasts six hours and others, two hours. “, he says. In his sports career, the athlete has accumulated about 44 titles, among them, the Best Athlete of the Year and Champion Ceará, in 2013; and North-Northeast Champion and Vice World Champion in 2014 In the latest dispute, in Foz do Iguaçu, won two bronzes in the individual Kata and Kumite arrangements for staff, and a silver in the Individual Kumite.

Since February, the new challenge on the day of the award is to teach karate. Rather than imagined, the task is not so simple. “Before giving lessons, but only as a substitute teacher. Today I see that is different, especially living with the boys. It’s a daily learning. ” he adds.

Acting as a teacher in two classes of children Bushi-No-Te, the IBLF, the same place where once was student project Alexandre believes that his victories are representative, but not only individually. “It’s my award and the institution well.” With regard to students, who wish to also arrive soon to the top of the podiums, the victories of the master still serve as a model and inspiration.


About the Project

Integral part of the Institute and Beatriz Lauro Fiuza (IBLF) since August 2012, Bushi-No-Te Karate is benefiting children and youth, and the Passare immediate neighborhood. According to the coordinator and master black belt Romilson Mariano, the project translates into an opportunity for the students. “This is the result of a serious work. The environment they live is vulnerable to negative influences, but here they have access to not only sporting values, but citizens. “

Dedicated in learning the Japanese martial art, 145 students from children to adults, take turns daily between classes that occur between the three shifts. Experience has led to the realization of the dream of many boys, now considered great athletes, locally and even internationally. Besides Alexandre Rosa, another prominent young championships in Karate is Wanderson Silva Trinity, winner of the bronze medal in the World Championship for 1st world junior cadetsand, held in Italy in October 2013.

Each semester, is promoted in IBLF a specific event, facing the lane change of the karateka, indicating the technical development in the martial art, a factor that consequently drives the direction of students to disputes in leagues around the country.

By abandoning the violent perspective of the place and invest in a project that proposes the social inclusion of young people and children, Bushi-No-Te is configured as an ideal that the potential of each student is developed space, which the coordinator has reveal themselves as major sporting talent.